ChmlTech News

ChmlTech collaborates with UBC's professor to do research in membrane purification of crude biodiesel to meet stringent ASTM standard.

ChmlTech has worked closely with Western Canada biodiesel plants to support their successful launch by assisting with the plant design and laboratory design. We have provided extensive troubleshooting during their early production and upgrading phases.

Since 2008, ChmlTech had built 5 million litres and 25 million litres per year biodiesel production plants in Western Canada.


ChmlTech has worked closely with Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at University of British Columbia to implement Problem Based Learning (PBL) with biodiesel project. PBL is a teching method which is student-centered so that students collaboratively solve problems and reflect on their experience in order to learn concepts.

After implementing this teaching technique, students have improved their problem solving skills, research skills and social skills.


U.S. and World News

US clean diesel auto sales increase 41 percent in August (Sept, 2013)

132M gallons of US biodiesel produced in July, 768M gallons YTD (Sept 2013)

Obama touts algal biofuels; $14M in new R&D funding (Feb, 2012)

House passes biodiesel tax credit extension (11 December, 2009)

Japan Airlines 747 makes first ever flight on Camelina Biodiesel (30 Jan, 2009)

Bioselect and Chevron Unveil Fully Operational Texas Biodiesel Plant (29 May, 2007)

Imperium to build 100M gallon-per-year biodiesel plant in Washington (10 May, 2006)

Biofuels revolution has begun: Manitoba leading way in alternative fuel research (January 6, 2006)

Oregon's first biodiesel production facility to recycle cooking oil (6 July, 2005)

Brazil opens another biodiesel plant; Wants to be largest renewable fuel supplier (1 May, 2005)

Malaysia building first biodiesel refinery (24 April, 2005)

Manitoba's first biodiesel plant could start production by late summer in the Interlake (February 2, 2005)

New Canadian biodiesel plant (29 May, 2004)

Largest biodiesel plant in the U.S, noew being assembled in BAkersfield, California (24 Feb, 2003)


Canada News

First biodiesel mandate in Canada now in effect in Manitoba (2 Nov, 2009)

Energy Plan accelerates British Columbia biodiesel (28 Feb, 2007)

Biodiesel project in University of Calgary battles climate change with greage (21 April, 2006)

Canadian biodiesel research initiative

ARC and gorvernment of Canada launch biofuels analysis incentive program (7 Sept, 2005)

Biodiesel in British Columbia: feasibility study (May, 2004)